What Eastway will do

Eastway will make sure that you are involved in any decisions about the work we do with you, and that the work is focussed on achieving the outcomes identified in your support plan.  We will work at the times and places that have been agreed with you and your representatives and try to ensure that your services commence on time.  However there may be times when we are late due to circumstances beyond our control.  At these times Eastway staff will call you to tell you that they will be late and to explain why they will be late.

Eastway operate an On-Call procedure and all Outreach Workers and Group Leaders carry a mobile phone in order to communicate effectively and contact a manager or the emergency services for support when dealing with a crisis situation.

Eastway staff will facilitate your activities and not do their own chores or activities while supporting you.  Your Community Resource Manager will monitor the service we provide for you and make sure we support you in the way we have agreed.  The CRM, along with the HR Manager, will also ensure that all staff members undergo the statutory checks required and that they are properly inducted, trained and supervised.  The CRM’s will promote working in accordance with company policy and procedure.

Eastway staff will respect your beliefs, culture and way of life and support you in these.  We will help you speak up for yourself and, with your permission, talk to your representatives or advocate about the best ways to support you.

Eastway will train its staff to understand that you have the right to take acceptable risks in your life.  Staff will help you to identify, manage and minimise the risk of harm to yourself and others.

Eastway staff will not accept gifts or presents (including money) from you or your representatives.


All information regarding you will be kept private and confidential on a ‘need to know’ basis.