What Eastway expects from you

You should be at home (or wherever we have identified) and ready for your services at the time we have agreed to pick you up.  If you are unable to be available on time, or to attend at all, you should give us prior warning by phoning your Community Resource Manager at their office or your Outreach Worker directly.

If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving you should notify your Community Resource Manager immediately.  You have the right to make a complaint using Eastways Complaints Procedure at any time.

If your Outreach Worker is supporting you in your home you may offer them refreshments but you do not have to do this if you do not want to.

Eastway expects you to be as responsible as you can for your behaviour while we are supporting you.

You should not offer gifts (including money) to Eastway staff.

You and your representatives should be aware that Eastway require different documentation of authorisation depending on which Local Authority or Broker is supporting you to purchase our services.  We are not able to commence services until the proper authorisation is granted.  Eastway fully realises that once authorisation is granted everybody is keen to get started.  However, please remember we may have to recruit or reallocate staff and increase or reorganise our transport provision before we can safely provide your service and this process can take a bit of time.  Eastway would appreciate your patience in these circumstances.